The Paper News Release Is Dead…..

The Paper News Release Is Dead – Welcome to the Instant News Release – Welcome to Social Media

Paper news releases are quickly becoming a thing from the past. It used to be that you mailed out your news releases, then came faxing those news releases and now its sending them instantly using social media.

There’s no question if you and your company want to continue to be relevant in this ever changing society of high speed internet, of instant tweets and facebook messages you need to not only accept social media from a news release standpoint – you need to embrace it.

Sure there are some folks who proudly call themselves dinosaurs and believe that the world of marketing and media and public relations will always be viewed from a 1960s standpoint, but like the dinosaurs of millions of years ago that same thing is happening right now to them and right before our eyes in the world of public relations and media relations.

If folks don’t get on the current bandwagon of getting their company news out via social media they might as well find a cave and crawl into it. Remember when you had to call the operator to place a long distance call – if you don’t remember that – good – because now you don’t need an operator all you need is a cell phone with text messaging ability and you can get your message out.

That’s one way that the public relations professionals are now operating on behalf of their clients. Don’t be a dinosaur, be an up to date company who use public relations skills and methods that fit today’s world – that’s the world of social media. Like we’ve said in previous blogs – the world has changed and so has Baumbach and Fisher.


About Dick Baumbach

Dick Baumbach’s varied career has included over 40 years as an award winning journalist, a founder of a Nashville, Tennessee newspaper group, chairman and CEO of Baumbach and Fisher Communications, LLC public relations and marketing firm as well as a deputy press secretary to Tennessee Governor Lamar Alexander.
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