The World has Changed & The Rapture Didn’t Happen

The world has changed and the rapture has not happened.  But, we are not talking about the end of the world – we are talking about the changes in the fields of public relations, branding and marketing. Follow the jump

When Baumbach and Fisher was re-started 8 months ago, after having been on hiatus for 15 years, we all believed that the same business models to offer our services were still in place – we were wrong.

For the most part, the one on one networking, the business and community support meetings, the phone calls and the idea sessions have drifted away.  Not that that is a bad thing, but it took us a short period of exploration to determine that times really have changed.

Social media has taken over the internet, our lives – both professionally and personally – and the world of business and commerce.

It used to be that contracts between clients were treasured documents – now they are nothing but pieces of paper that can be discarded.  It used to be that client meetings were special times to come up with and implement new ideas – that’s not the case anymore.

So having said all that the three individuals that run B & F made the decision that we need to seize this new method of marketing companies and products and focus on doing it effectively, efficiently and effortlessly for those using our services.

We can spend hours looking back at the past and all those successes we achieved for our clients or we can spend valuable time looking to the here and now and the FUTURE and totally, completely and unequivocally embrace the now and become the most successful social media marketing operation the world has ever experienced.

How do we do that?  By offering unique and unusual services and products that customers can and will want to use instantly for successes in their own worlds of commerce.

That’s our plan. That’s our future.  That’s the here and now.  As this blog unfolds and more and more individuals follow us we will be unveiling many unique and innovative ways to make your business or company more successful and vibrant.

By making you, our customer, our number one priority, which is what we have always done, we know that your efforts to build your businesses will be as successful as we are in building ours.

It’s time for change and that time is right now.  It’s right here and it’s via the internet and the ever growing, ever expanding world of social media and how it pertains to marketing, branding and re-positioning your products and companies.  That’s what we are doing and we invite you to journey with us during  this incredible moment in time.  The world has changed and so has Baumbach and Fisher.

Thanks for checking out our blog and take a look often at other special opportunities we are now and will be offering you our customers and potential business partners.


About Dick Baumbach

Dick Baumbach’s varied career has included over 40 years as an award winning journalist, a founder of a Nashville, Tennessee newspaper group, chairman and CEO of Baumbach and Fisher Communications, LLC public relations and marketing firm as well as a deputy press secretary to Tennessee Governor Lamar Alexander.
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